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ボコダ近郊の今は廃坑となった石灰石の採掘鉱山。そこは極寒の地ゆえにLa Siberia(シベリア)と呼ばれる。この鉱山から採掘された石灰石は首都ボコダを形成してきたコンクリート建築の原料として欠かせないものであった。

Certain gravity seems to attract memory. We might call it nostalgia.


The industrial town La Siberia, the main cement production plant during Bogota’s urban explosion in the 20th century, is the gravity center of its former inhabitants.Yet, as in most diasporas, the center is missing: the plant was closed in 1998, the town was practically demolished and, due to industrial risk, entering the ruins is forbidden.However, on the outskirts several limestones are still left.


Many of its former inhabitants spin around La Siberia like satellites. Some dream of it, they recall it through their family albums or through the stories they tell their grandchildren. It is said that a few died of melancholia. While gravitating stones get lost as well.


The memories of one of them, a neighbor of mine from my childhood home, took me to follow the path of such gravity towards its epicenter. The documentary film “La Siberia” allowed many of the former workers to enter into the bowels of the monumental ruins. 150 hours were shot in the search for that gravity center. But as one of them told us: "only memories are left".


It was also a way to understand that childhood memories’ gravity center is missing as well. Let’s just gravitate.



Gerrit Stollbrock


"Colombian and German. After finishing BAs in Philosophy and Economics in Bogotá (Colombia), he worked as researcher and consultant in social and peacebuilding projects. He got into filmmaking some years ago and has directed three independent documentary films: 'La Siberia' (2014, documentary, 86 min, directing debut), 'To shoot a memory while it flies' (work in progress, documentary, 27 min) and 'Foto Hermi: light marks' (work in progress, documentary, 63 min). The video installation 'La Siberia: to remember while one forgets', based on the documentary film 'La Siberia' was exhibited at the Regional Art Biennial in Bogota (2015). He has conducted research on documentary film as memory device since after finishing an MA in Sociology and Documentary Film at Goldsmiths College (London). He is currently Visual Anthropology teacher at the Universidad Externado de Colombia (Bogotá)" コロンビア人・ドイツ人。ボゴタ(コロンビア)で哲学と経済学の学部を卒業してから、社会・平和構築のプロジェクトで研究者とコンサルタントとして働いていた。数年前に映画制作に入り、3本の独立系ドキュメンタリーを監督してきた。これらは「La Siberia」(2014年、86分、監督デヴュー)、「To shoot a memory while it flies」(制作中、27分)、「Foto Hermi: light marks」(制作中、63分)である。ドキュメンタリー映画「La Siberia」に基づいたビデオインスタレーション「La Siberia: to remember while one forgets」がボゴタの地域芸術ビエンナーレ(2015)で展示された。ゴールドスミス・カレッジ大学院(ロンドン)の社会学とドキュメンタリー修士課程を修了後、ドキュメンタリーを記憶装置として研究しつづけている。現在、Universidad Externado de Colombia大学(ボゴタ)に映像人類学教授として所属している。

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